Beast brings out the best in Sunderland nurses

Written by on 5th March 2018

With the country last week plunged into some of the worst winter weather of recent years, the NHS continues to fight to help some of our most vulnerable residents.

Medics at Sunderland Royal Hospital, facing their own battle just to get to and from work in the snow, opted to take matters into their own hands and sleep at the hospital to ensure they were there when most needed.


Carol Harries is the Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Corporate Affairs at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust thanked staff for all their efforts last week,

She said: “Despite the freezing conditions, [Staff] have gone above and beyond to ensure that there is minimal disruption to patient care and that we are able to continue to treat those who need it the most.”

“Some staff on night shift have worked longer hours to allow colleagues more time to travel in safely and the trust is supporting those who live in some of the more adversely affected areas”

“Using 4×4 vehicles and drivers to collect staff who are unable to access transport and offering overnight accommodation to key clinical staff who would otherwise struggle to get home.”

Last week, staff slept over at Sunderland Royal Hospital including consultants, doctors, nurses, patient flow managers and bed managers, to make sure they were on hand and ready to care for patients.

Now, this dedication has been highlighted by University of Sunderland course leaders who are training the next generations of nurses and paramedics.

Simone Bedford, Programme Leader for the BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice at the University, has been left inspired and impressed by the actions of the region’s nursing staff during the difficult weather.

She said: “The behaviours exhibited by the medics at Sunderland Royal Hospital in recent days encapsulates the kind of commitment we expect from our students, this is truly an example of going above and beyond by putting other people’s needs before their own.”

“Nurses are dedicated and committed to patient care and we instil this ideal in all of our students; they often go above and beyond what is needed to ensure patient’s needs come first.”

To find out more about nursing courses at the University of Sunderland visit here.

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