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Hollie Wiseman celebrates four of the most successful celebrity makeup ranges back in 2017

Rihanna –  Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s makeup range was one of the biggest release of 2017 for us makeup junkies, am I right? Her line includes something for all skin tones. Rihanna reveals her aim fo her range to have ‘something for a dark-skinned girl’ and ‘something for a pale-skinned girl and everything in between’. The subtle package is elegant and sophisticated, just what Rihanna is.

Although her range isn’t full with many products, there is a good selection that I feel will benefit everyone. Whether you are looking for a simple lipstick, highlighter or even some decent brushes, Rihanna’s collection may be somewhere to look.

KAT VON D – Shade + Light

KAT VON D brought out a contour palette known as being the ‘best contour palette’ of 2017. Although the ‘Shade + Light’ contour palette is abit on the pricey side, it is well worth the spend – a little bit goes a long way with her range.

KAT VON D also went on to bring out an eyeshadow palette of ‘Shade + Light’. This includes a blend of warm and cool tones – which would help anyone learning to build up a natural look to glam.

Kylie Jenner – Limited edition holiday 2017 collection

Kylie Jenner is known for being the youngest of the Kardashian family and could be argued she has earned the most success after bringing her Kylie cosmetics range out in 2016, with her first product the ‘lip kits’. Everybody was on board with her collection and joined in her journey. After releasing a palette back in 2016 for the Christmas season she continued her success with a holiday collection for 2017. Her brand is seen as a high end must have.

Her new collection is solely based on Christmas colours and looks. Her product colours are very glam and ready for the party season but the contrast of her labelling ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ shows she is trying to show the different colour looks you can go for this season.

Kim Kardashian – KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian followed in the footsteps of her younger sibling Kylie Jenner and launched her own collection ‘KKW Beauty.’ After the success of her range she has had to restock her products three times now. Kim brought out her crème contour and highlight kit to show people how she achieves her glam yet natural contour look. Kim isn’t one to continuously wear a glam look, there has been numerous events where Kim has went very natural – so this kit is perfect for Kim

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