Review: The Crown

Written by on 23rd January 2018

Tabitha Peverley reviews the Netflix drama

Netflix closed last year with a little bit of exalted escapism. Yes, season 2 of The Crown has arrived and is every bit regal, royal and rich as the last season. Though it also seemed to highlight a lot more of the family’s relationships with one another, it still offers the viewer a chance to imagine what life as a Royal is like.

The old cast return and are on top form. Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth captures her Majesty’s voice and accent perfectly and demonstrates all the pain the Queen must go through as she tries to balance family life and her duties as Queen.

What is particularly nice about this season is that Matt Smith’s Prince Phillip plays more prominent role, with many of the episodes focussing around him and his personal life. He’s played brilliantly by Smith and I loved the little intimate moments between Elizabeth and Phillip. It will be sad to see both Smith and Foy leave after this season and their replacements will have a lot to live up to.

One thing that didn’t fail to amaze me was the attention to detail as regards to costumes and sets. For example, the set of the Royal Yacht was so accurate you’d be forgiven for thinking they filmed on the real decommissioned yacht. The costumes were beautiful, I found myself particularly drawn to Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, and her style. I found it quite a modern and risqué style for a member of the Royal Family even in the early 1960s.

The only critiques I have are minor. A few shots lingered slightly too long and there were some scenes that weren’t needed. For the most part, it was an enjoyable watch, with a high standard of acting. If you haven’t seen The Crown yet, you should!

Originally Appeared in Spark Magazine

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