Sail Trainees prepare to Sail from Sunderland to Esbjerg

Written by on 17th January 2018

Over 100 Sail Trainees will meet to prepare to Sail from Sunderland to Esbjerg in The Tall Ships Races 2018.

A unique event on Saturday 20 January 2018 will see around 100 Sail Trainees taking their first steps towards the adventure of a lifetime when they officially register for The Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018 and choose the ships they will sail on.

Ship Operators, Sail Trainee Sponsor Organisations and Sail Trainee Consultants Windseeker from The Netherlands will join Councillor John Kelly and members of the Tall Ships Project Team as they greet the budding sailors to enjoy a full day of activity and team building.

The event takes place at Sunderland Yacht Club, a strong supporter of the event, set in a stunning coastal location.

Sunderland City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Public Health, Wellness and Culture, Councillor John Kelly said: “This Saturday will see many young adventurers from across the city and the region taking a major step towards The Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018 will give many of our young people an adventure of a lifetime.

“Sail training uses people’s experiences of being at sea as a wonderful way of learning about themselves and their crewmates. By sailing on one of these majestic ships, they will have an almost unique opportunity to discover their own strengths and talents as well as those around them as they learn to appreciate the value of working as a team.”

The first leg of The Tall Ships Races 2018 sails from Sunderland (UK) to Esbjerg (Denmark). The event begins at 12 noon on Wednesday 11 and will run until Saturday 14 of July 2018. Sail Trainees will begin their voyage with a spectacular Parade of Sail along the city’s coastline before spending around 4 days at sea. Once in Esbjerg the adventure continues with cultural and sporting activities, crew party and the renowned crew parade where sail trainees from all the vessels come together to celebrate the race and thank their hosts in Denmark.

For further information about The Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018 go to or Follow the team on Twitter @TallShipsSund or Facebook at TallShipsRacesSunderland

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