Star Wars The Last Jedi Review

Written by on 2nd January 2018

Taking place in the immediate aftermath of The Force Awakens Rey (Daisy Ridley) finds Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on Ach-to to begin her Jedi training whilst at the same time General Leia (Carrie Fisher) guides the resistance in evading Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the dreaded First Order.

Whilst many opinions from the fans on this instalment appear to be divided it does live up to a lot of the excitement that the previous 2 instalments did contain, and still captured some charm from the original trilogy. Its also a great way to see the newer film deviate out from older material instead of rehashing the previous again, like its predecessor did. Rian Johnson adds a new spin to the Star Wars franchise giving the 8th film a darker tone in comparison to The Force Awakens but keeping a humorous one in as well and retaining a lot of exciting action.

Whilst most of the cast from the last film do return there are also several new faces brought to the screen including Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern), DJ (Benicio Del Toro) and Rose (Kelly-Marie Tran), who all bring their own persona to the film, expanding beyond those that were established in The Force Awakens. Out of these the best one probably being Kelly-Marie Tran’s role as Rose, a resistance technician. She is ultimately the most welcome to the cast out of the new characters as Kelly Marie Tran pulls off a phenomenal performance in the limelight.

Another great point also goes to the phenomenal further performances delivered by Mark Hamill, as he actually had lines this time, and the late Carrie Fisher. Even after 40 years these two are still just as great as they have always been. Capturing the characters just as before in continuing their story and giving Fisher a decent send off and tribute.

However there is the case of a few things that are taken again with this film which also make it not so good. One of them being with Gwendoline Christie’s character Captain Phasma, who we all remember was wasted in Force Awakens. This time the character isn’t really brought back with any justice having barely been on screen again and is really something Johnson should have learned from. An aspect that seems to have many divided as well is the Porgs. Now while they are around the island of Ach-To a lot it can be seen that they are a little overused, just by a few moments though. Although not as irritating as Return of the Jedi’s Ewoks they could definitely have been toned down just a little bit.

Overall though the main thing to look at with this film is that it is a different style of Star Wars film as has less of the nostalgic aspect to the franchise giving it a brand new look to the films. Coupled in with John Williams’ phenomenal score once again, The Last Jedi is not one to be missed by any Star Wars fan.

By Harry Graham for Spark Magazine

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