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Lucie Simon advises how to be more on fleek this new year.

It’s the time of year when you tell yourself you’re going to go the gym every night, quitting fast food, saving money and stopping drinking.

These kinds of resolutions usually only last a few weeks or months if you’re lucky.

So here at Spark our beauty expert has decided to make a few minor resolutions to insure you get the best out of your makeup, brushes and more in 2018.

Wash makeup brushes more often

To get the best out of your brushes a requirement of one wash a month should be do able. Unless you’re simply obsessed with the fresh brush feel, wash them as often as you like. If you find washing your brushes a hard task, add it to your calendar, a date and time just for you to bond with your brushes.

Check your dates

This is a big one for me as it’s something I never do. Before you go back to work or university etc. if you have a spare afternoon, rummage through all of your stash and chuck anything that is out of date. It’s a pretty simple one but one that we normally all forget.

Clean out your makeup bag.

I can tick this one off my list. A new year means a clear out. Although it’s more my wardrobe that’s a necessity, my makeup bag was becoming a brick, full of things half empty that I didn’t use anymore. Ask yourself when was the last time I used this? And if you can’t remember or it was well over a few months fling it straight in the trash.

Turn that lipstick upside down

This little trick is something I desperately need to try. Put all of your lipsticks one way and once you’ve used them put it back the opposite. With Perspex boxes full of lipsticks you’ll be able to see which lipsticks still haven’t been used. It’s up to you what time frame you give yourself but this is definitely a little great little hack for a lipstick clear out.

Delete any emails from makeup sites

Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and more will become your enemies. You want them out of your life to better yourself and your bank balance. It’s the first step to saving money if beauty is your down fall.

Don’t buy shades you already have

Check before you buy. This is another thing I need to do this year. With so many eyeshadow palettes, I definitely have the same colour twice, if not three times somewhere in my collection. See a colour you like and you’re not at home? Go back to it. You can go home check if you have similar, leave it or order online. Don’t splurge when you don’t need to.

Prepare yourself in advance

Huda Beauty’s new launch, Jeffree Star’s new collaboration, you need to calm down gurl. Just because there is a huge hype of a new product launch doesn’t mean you’re less of a beauty guru if you don’t buy it. Find out when the launches are and plan to do something that day, stay away from social media and maybe freeze your bank card. It’s okay to treat yourself though, just not too much.

Originally Appeared in Spark Mag

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