Fashion Agony Aunt

Written by on 1st January 2018

Lucie Simon answers your fashion dilemmas

“Dear Lucie, how do I stop myself from spending all of my Christmas money on things I don’t need. I get so distracted with emails.”

One thing you can do is to delete your emails from places you regularly shop, or even just for the January sale period mute your emails. The amount of time we spend on our phones we see all of our emails. So muting or deleting them will hopefully stop you from falling into their marketing techniques and heading to their site. Another thing to do is if you received vouchers for Christmas, give them to someone and exchange them for the cash. That way you can put the money away into a savings pot.

“Dear Lucie, what’s the best way to motivate me back into shape this year? I don’t have the money for a gym membership, what do you suggest instead?”

Exercise can be free. To find the motivation is all about self-belief. Find an old picture of yourself where you were happy with your weight and life. Keep it in your purse, as your screensaver, somewhere where you’ll constantly see it. This will give you some drive. Following healthy recipes and exercises to do at home on Pinterest is also a great way to make your healthy regime fun. Create healthy food art or find exercises suited to you, stick some bouncy tunes on and you’re good to go.

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