Brothers From Sunderland Take Centre Stage in National Military Magazine

12 November 2017 Community News Culture Featured What's On

Three brothers who served in the Army from Roker, Sunderland, have become the main focal point for a national Armed Forces magazine in the run up to its Remembrance Sunday issue.  

The Shickle brothers, who between them have amassed over 61 years’ service in the Army, feature heavily inside new military memories magazine, Left Right Left.

The main interview was conducted with eldest of the siblings, Thomas, 50 and youngest brother, Richard, 30, whilst middle brother, Patrick, 47, features in the article.

The magazine piece was published for the third issue of Left Right Left, which is a Remembrance Day special. Editor, Mal Robinson, also from Sunderland, goes onto explain the reasoning behind the Shickle brothers’ inclusion in the publication.

“The team behind Left Right Left wanted to feature a family from an area synonymous with the military in time for the Remembrance proceedings and what better place to choose than my home city, to which I knew the background of the Shickles and so it made sense to put these two aspects together to celebrate their undoubted loyal service at a time of remembering those who had made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Robinson added: “Originally we planned one page for the feature, but on speaking to Tommy and Richard, it soon became clear that we would base the entire magazine supplement on them, due to their stories and memories, not to mention, their collection of medals acquired during service.”

The article looks back on the three brothers’ careers, which included Thomas and Patrick Shickle’s service in the 3rd Battalion, The Light Infantry (eventually amalgamating to form the 2nd Battalion, The Light Infantry, then 3 Rifles) and Richard’s service with the Army Air Corps, the brothers’ service ranging from 1988 to 2017. Richard ended the families’ links with the regular Army this year, however, Richard remains on duty with the Army Reserves.

The range of medals is discussed in the feature, with the brothers awarded 21 medals in total. There was one medal though, that eluded two of the brothers, with only Patrick receiving the gong, as Thomas takes up the story.

“My brother, Patrick joined the military a year after me in the third battalion, The Light Infantry, and then us both joining 2LI and then 3 Rifles together. When I applied for my Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, I did not receive it. However, my brother Patrick, who had a bit of a record and reputation, within the battalion, he received his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. I looked into my military records and there were no disciplinary entries on my sheet, therefore we were puzzled as to why I didn’t get mine. To this day, we joke on that the wrong Shickle got the medal!”

Left Right Left is the new military memories magazine published inside of Armed Forces Resettlement magazine, Pathfinder International that looks after people leaving the services, when looking for their second career in civilian life.

To read the magazine online for free visit: https://cloud.3dissue.com/6374/7271/15135/PFNov17DIGITAL/index.html

Sunderland holds one of the biggest Remembrance ceremonies outside of the Cenotaph in London.

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