Grayson, ghosts and party horns

Written by on 1st November 2017

What do you do on a Tuesday night? A bit of uni work? Having your tea? Absolutely nothing?

Well, we have a solution! The Late Show is a brand new show every Tuesday on Spark where anything can happen. The shows are different every week, what happens is really down to you!

This week on The Late Show, Nathan found himself in a sticky situation on his walk to work, we were inundated by calls from delighted Sunderland fans and we heard some spooky ghost stories! We were also joined in the studio by John Dean, who has been recovering from a stammer on the McGuire Programme and came to tell us his story. There’s so much more but I’d hate to spoil it for you!

If you want to get involved with The Late Show, we would love to chat with you on air. Give us a call on Tuesday night between 10pm and midnight and we’ll have you on! It can literally be about anything, so if you’re sat there like “I don’t have anything to talk about” or “I don’t think they’d be interested”, you’re wrong! We’d just love to speak to lots of people and share it with the whole of Wearside. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook all week if you want to suggest a talk point.

If you’ve listened to the show and you’ve got some feedback, I’d love to hear it. Drop me an email at!

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