TALL SHIPS 2018- What can you get involved with?

11 September 2017 Community News Featured

Guess what is coming in 2018 in Sunderland? The tall ships races arrive in our city in 2018. It see’s up too 80 tall ships arrive in our port and this will be a great provider of tourism and stability to the city of Sunderland. The sail training and launch has already started, volunteers are already being searched for the 4 day programme that will be embanking on the city. There is a huge amount of volunteer opportunities for all young people in the city including leaflets distributors, photographers and even trainee sailors on all the tall ships

Take a listen to Ethan speak to talking to Cllr Doris MacKnight who has been chatting about the opportunities in Sunderland.

For more information on everything that is happening on tall ships in the city visit http://www.sailtraininginternational.org/events/2018-the-tall-ships-races

You can also see what they look like and all of the opportunities here

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