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ArtyParti – Regional Young Actors Ensemble & Cranked Anvil

9 September 2017 Culture Featured What's On

A North East theatre special on last week’s ArtyParti.  Five members of the North East’s theatre community, who are involved in a series of plays in the region, joined us live on the show.  What strikes me, in a particularly similar vein to the writing community in the North East, is how friendly & supportive the area is in welcoming emerging theatre performers, writers & directors into the fold.

Alanna Wilson & Will Wyn Davies, who took part in the Hull City of Culture event with the Regional Young Actors Ensemble, share their experiences as performers & their upcoming shows.  Nessa Karon, Paul Dunn & Tom Potts from Cranked Anvil talk about the process of devising, writing & rehearsing their two upcoming plays Wise Men Say and Cornered, both due for performance this month.

On why theatre is such an important industry:

“There’s no other setting where 30 strangers would get together and be absolutely best friends, be in everyone’s personal space 24/7 – and enjoy it.” – Alanna Wilson

“It’s unlike many other professions.  Because of the nature of [acting], you are quite close and intense, so you do really make strong, intense friendships.” – Paul Dunn

“The lines between your professional and personal life are very much blurred – it’s nice that you end up working with your friends.” – Alanna Wilson

On advice for emerging theatre performers:

“How important it is when theatres offer up opportunities for people – because it feeds into the industry so much.  Virtually everyone I know who works in theatre and performance was involved in youth theatre, or other forms of participatory theatre.  Not only does it provide a wonderful workforce for the industry, but it also creates an amazing audience.” – Will Wyn Davies

“Don’t become too self-absorbed – always know [what other theatre performances are] going on.  Because you never know when you’re going to bump into other practitioners, like we’ve done today.  Talk to as many people as you can, know as many people as you can.  Don’t be afraid to look like a fool.” – Vanessa Karon

On working with the Regional Young Actors Ensemble:

“It was a programme between Live Theatre, on the Quayside of Newcastle, Hull Truck and Derby Theatre to get together and provide a training scheme that was outside of London & expenses paid, so that regional young actors had the opportunity to train and develop connections without paying an arm and a leg.” – Will Wyn Davies

“A very ensemble effort – each day we had a good few hours of workshops, with a lot of emphasis on your progression as an artist.  They were very invested in how we progressed & made connections.” – Alanna Wilson

“Just seeing the impact the UK City of Culture award had in Hull was so evident, so positive.  The city was buzzing.  It was a great investment in Hull’s young people.  Just imagine what could happen if it was Sunderland.” – Will Wyn Davies

ArtyParti was produced & presented by Jay Sykes.

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