Over 180 years for 17 offenders convicted as part of Operation Shelter

8 September 2017 Featured Spark Reports

This week saw the sentencing of 18 people convicted for a string of offences connected with Operation Shelter.  Two men were also sentenced under Operation Emerald, an additional proactive investigation led by the force’s Priority and Organised Crime Team drug offences.

Detective Supt Steve Barron said: “The results from court this week have been the sentencings we were hoping for. To be able to tell the victims, that because of their unbelievable bravery and support of this investigation, these people are going to be spending a long time behind bars is just incredible.

“We are so very grateful for those who have spoken out and I am so proud of them. It is as straight forward as without them, we wouldn’t be here with this number of convictions.

“These offenders targeted these women because of their vulnerabilities. They hugely under estimated their strength and determination. to seek justice – they thought no one would believe them. We believed them as did the jury.