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JamPacked, Darren Styles and Above & Beyond highlight Creamfields Day Three

28 August 2017 Music News

Day three of Creamfields 2017 was jam packed. Pun absolutely intended. MistaJam’s curated stage stole the show, catching headlines before the festival and more often than not had the biggest crowd compared to any other tents. There were certainly highlights elsewhere from some of the world’s biggest dance DJ’s including Creamfields veterans Above & Beyond.

Headlining the Mega Arenas, Above & Beyond had the Dance Revolution crew feeling emotional. You could tell from the crowd that their music means a lot, it just gives off that special vibe. They make so much effort with the fans, it’s a proper experience.

Having headlined Friday night in the Steel Yard alongside Eric Prydz, DeadMau5 returned Saturday night for a solo set on the Horizon stage. He puts on one hell of a show. To see something as visually incredible as DeadMau5’s set was pretty special. He played lots of intense tracks, paired with the bizarre visuals (including weird animals and even a hint of Rocket League), it had the audience in a trance. The crowd went mental as the Canadian DJ-producer dropped ‘Ghosts N Stuff.’

Elsewhere Armin Van Buuren played his second set of the weekend, drawing a crowd of all ages on the Horizon stage and left every single one of them feeling euphoric. Over on the Mad Decent stage, Diplo offered a bouncing late-night, dub-step experience. The set was a complete change from Jack U last year.

Keeping The Rave Alive played host to Darren Styles’ first ever Creamfields set. He absolutely owned it – but he needed a bigger stage. The crowd was so big it was blocking off the pizza van. Ney chance of a margarita. Would love to see him in a tent; the noisier, the better. Unfortunately those who came to see him, who were standing at the back could also hear other stages’ sound sneaking in.

The Dance Revolution crew popped into Nation – or at least it was just meant to be a pop in, pop out situation. Lange’s heavy set sucked us in. We seen some…interesting…dance moves in the stage inspired by an iconic Liverpool nightclub. Lange’s mix of rave with trance had Nation absolutely rammed and it was class for a range Saturday night.

In the headline-stealing, crowd-appealing, the beats blaring out from the JamPacked stage were raising the ceiling. Reprezent DJ, Dobby kickstarted the MistaJam curated set with a mix of underground cuts and massive bangers including Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest hip-hop tracks of 2017. In a weird contest of styles, we flipped from hip-hop to high pitched dance, but the hype remained a constant.

Later on, TQD brought their UK garage sound to the JamPacked tent. The crowd went crazy as the trio made up of Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D dropped a mix of Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone.’ One of our hopes heading into Creamfields 2017 was to hear P Money perform his remix of TQD’s ‘Ghosts.’ In his set after the ‘UKG’ trio, P delivered and absolutely lived up to the hype. Bringing out Little Dee and Blacks in separate sections of the set, P Money reeled through hits including ‘Gunfingers’ and ’10/10’, opening the set with his ‘Who Gon’ Stop Me’ remix after an entrance inspired by The Undertaker. Our only issue with P’s set is despite ’10/10’ including the lyrics ‘Can’t forget about..’ listing a load of cities including Newcastle. When the ‘Live & Direct’ MC hosted a roll call of which cities were representing in Creamfields nowhere North of Leeds was mentioned.

Following P Money, Avelino graced the stage for a short set. It was an interesting slot for one-half of Young Fire Old Flame. At a hip-hop festival, We’d absolutely expect Av in a high position because his lyrical ability is top drawer. He’s not known however for the bangers that a Creamfields audience obviously expected. That being said, he managed to keep the crowd on side with cuts like ‘F.Y.O’ and ‘Energy’ before capping his set with a new song ‘Its A Movie Outside.’

One of the star’s of Creamfields 2017 was undoubtedly J Hus (Bold Prediction: In 12 months time, J Hus will be the biggest act in the UK music). The entire tent rattled as the crowd roared for the appearance of the ‘Common Sense’ artist. The JamPacked audience sang every word back to ‘Hus with ‘Lean & Bop’ and ‘Did You See’ delivering particularly magical moments.

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