5 Hidden Gems at Creamfields 2017

25 August 2017 Fun Music News Music Reviews

There are some massive names playing Creamfields 2017. From The Chainsmokers to Eric Prydz and DeadMau5 to Fatboy Slim and Stormzy. The Dance Revolution crew love a major name bringing massive bangers, but we’ve also got a soft spot for those currently paving a path to stardom. Here are 5 hidden gems you should catch at this years Creamfields.

DJ PBH & DJ Jack Shizzle 

If you’ve ever tuned into Dance Revolution you’ve heard a PBH & Jack Shizzle remix. A Friday night just isn’t right without them.

Junior J

You may have heard Dance Revolution play Junior J’s collaboration with Redondo. We were loving ‘Exhale’ a few weeks back and can’t wait to see him smash Creamfields.


Patrick Topping

You’ve got to love a local talent. Wor North Eastern lad Patrick Topping is someone you should definitely check out.


Another local lad smashing the scene right now. We were spinning ‘Alone’ for ages. If we hear it at Creamfields we might not be able to contain our excitement.

Witchezz Brew

The Jam Packed stage this year is an absolute must-see. Some of grime’s biggest DJs are there but we’re most excited for Reprezent radio’s Witchezz Brew.

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