North Wrestling: Head Over Heels review

6 July 2017 Community News

HT Drake vs Spike Trivet

A brilliant opener to get a crowd excited, with Spike Trivet turning up in a Tory gimmick in a very labour heavy crowd with interference is run by two of spike trivets cronies and drake coming out with a solid brilliant win.

Little Miss Roxy vs Candy Floss

Candy Floss clearly less experienced as there was a few mistakes during this contest, but Little Miss Roxxy done well to recover the match. Roxxy ended up getting disqualified due to a spike to the face.

Danny O’Doherty and Saxon Huxley vs Amir Jordan and Dom Black

Mainly a comedy match from Danny O’Doherty, but nevertheless a very entertaining match. Danny O’Doherty getting the pin to win, with Liam Slater coming in to attack Dom Black.

Liam Slater vs Screwface

After Liam Slater attacked Dom Black, he was booked to compete in a match against Screwface. Screwface mopped the proverbial floor with Liam Slater and gets the win with a Cross Roads.

Sons of Ulaid vs Joe Biggs and Lewis Ryan

In what started as a fun match with one half of Sons of Ulaid coming out. Biggs and Ryan put in a good fight to start the match with Joe Biggs doing a dive over the top rope and landing hard. Unfortunately for Biggs and Ryan, the other half of Sons of Ulaid came out to finish and get the win.

Eddie Dennis vs Nathan Cruz

This was a great knockdown drag out brawl with lots of comedy and funny spots including a wheelchair running over Nathan Cruz. With a lot of near finishes, the match ended with all the heels coming down the ramp to beat up Eddie Dennis; followed by all the faces coming out to sort things out including HT Drake, Amir Jordan and Dom Black. This ends with both teams separated.

All in all, Head over Heels was a great, fun show for what you may call the “Hardcore” wrestling fan with a chilled out atmosphere and great people both in and out of the ring.

Overall 7/10

Phil Christopher

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