Midsummer MishMash

Midsummer MishMash

21 June 2017 Entertainment

Summer Solstice.   Litha.  The Midsummer Sabbat.  It’s that time of year; that inspires writers, musicians, & religions alike.  The shortest night of the year, following the longest day of year.  And here, on Spark, we’ve been inspired too.

Tune into us for a whole night of programmes, all the way until sunrise (at 4:37am).

Through dramas, documentaries, live music programmes & experimental audio, join us for journeys in and out of consiousness; into different states of mind and states of being; into dramatic spaces; into imagined futures & remembered pasts; into search histories and synapses.

All constructed by our MA Radio students; Carey Frances, Catherine Peart, Emma Casson, Jonny Goldsmith, Nick Borthwick & RJ Phoenix.

Andy Cartwright, MA Programme Leader, is also here all through the night.


2147 – Sunset + MishMash Menu with Emma Casson and Nick Borthwick
2200  – ‘Through My Father’s Ears’ with Carey Frances
2230 – ‘No Label Required’ documentary about unsigned artists. Producer: Carey Frances
2250 – ‘Inspriation’ – Feature about ‘choir-power’.  Producer: Emma Casson
2300 – Dream Music (Part 1) with Nick Borthwick
2330 – ‘In the Night’ – Documentary about nocturnal animals. Producer: Catherine Peart 
2345 – ‘Incognito’ – Radio Drama by Emma Casson and Jonny Goldsmith
2358 – ‘Two Minutes to Midnight’ – midnight music with Jonny Goldsmith
0100 – ‘To the Rescue’. Producer: Emma Casson
0110 – ‘Seven Minutes’ – radio drama written and produced by RJ Phoenix
0130 – Dream Music (Part 2) with Nick Borthwick
0200Midsummer Jazz with Catherine Peart
0230 – ‘Introverts’ Presenter/Producer: Emma Casson
0250 – ‘This is Hartlepool’. Producer: Nick Borthwick
0303 – ‘The Maniacal Master – JC’ Sunderland’s own Rap Master. Producer: Jonny Goldsmith
0320 – ‘Midsummer Night Dreamers’. Producer RJ Phoenix
0437 – Sunrise Live on Roker Beach – Midsummer MishMash Morning until 0445.

Article by Jay Sykes.

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