ArtyParti – Lungs Project Year 2!

Written by on 18th April 2017

The latest ArtyParti features all things Lungs Project; an annual publication that catalogues the work of emerging artists in the North East.  Featuring three project leads Angela Wingate Burdon, Sheyda Porter, Rebecca Burdon, and one of this year’s featured artists Mary Trodden.

“Last year, when I first joined Lungs as an artist, it was a publication to support early career artists in the North East.”  says Sheyda Porter, now one of the leads on the Lungs Project.  But now, “Our idea, in the end, is to have a whole army of artists.  A support network, or a web.”

Lungs ProjectEnter Lungs.  The team are approaching their second year of annual publication; a glorious matte finished book to showcase the work of artists and creatives of all kinds in the North East.

“I suppose you could say a printed publication is quite an old-school platform, but we’re trying to expand into these digital fields, and support artists outside of print,” says Sheyda.  “How can we reach artists & promote their work in a wider context?  It was really great to see what they’re up to these days.”

Currently a Masters student at the University of Sunderland, Sheyda’s experiences with both Lungs and the University over the past year have helped build her confidence as a sculptor and artist.  “I could imagine myself being really shy approaching galleries.  There’s always that side of me, a bit hesitant of making the move.  “What am I doing?  I have to get over this, I have to meet people, I have to submit.”   Don’t feel shy, don’t underestimate yourself.  Write down what you’re about, and just get out there and meet people.”

Also joining ArtyParti was Angela Wingate Burdon, another of Lungs’ project leads.  Angela lends her advice to emerging artists; how do you win people over and get your work out there?

“There’s a hustle involved.  You have to be able to present yourself professionally, but you have to get a bit dirty too.  Not dirty as in shady, but you have to put your ego aside to get the funds to do what you want to do.”

If you are an artist in the North East, of any kind of pursuit, and interested in submitting your work to the Lungs publication, you can.  The deadline is May 22nd.

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