Blaenavon at Think Tank

16 April 2017 Music Reviews

Recently the north east has been the hub to some of the best up and coming and established bands and artists around these days. However on Sunday the 8th April this ever growing brilliant reputation was sprung to life from one of the best bands around.

That band is called Blaenavon whom which you have either heard of or will be hearing very soon.

Support on the night came from arugably two of the other most promising and exciting bands in the country. Hailing from Hartlepool are ‘Plaza’ whom which have just released their self titled E.P. in which the personification of growing up young and the battle with mental health resonate in every listen. Their live performance opening up the night was pulverising and their talent is going to take them far. Defiantly listen to their new E.P. and they will be your new favourite  band within minutes.

Then fresh from supporting Two Door Cinema Club and White Lies was Antero’s. Who have also just released their second E.P. named ‘Drunk’.  As a live band they take their records and create a whole different monster of sheer goodness. Lead singer Laura Hayden seeps every bit of energy the crowd has when performing live and turns it into a jumping singalong. Antero’s have a great knack for writing music that really makes your head nod and your feet tap and supporting Blaenavon on their recent tour has only enhanced their cracking reputation for creating a positive atmosphere and letting you forget the worlds problems for a while. Stand out tracks on the night included ‘Breakfast’, ‘Antero’s’ and ‘Drunk’.

Then much to the anticipation of the already warmed up sold out crowd it was Blaenavon’s turn to play the gig of their lives.

Ahead of the gig fans were waiting outside the venue plenty of hours before and its clear that Blaenavons previous stops in Newcastle have gone down very well and they have gathered the most dedicated fans in the country.

As the band entered the stage each member of Blaenavon couldn’t help but smile when they saw the excitement on the crowds faces even before they have picked up their instruments. Then from the off the mayhem began.

For a majority of the performance you couldn’t hear lead singer Ben Gregory’s vocals very well but that wasn’t to the fault of the sound engineer but the crowd were so loud at singing the words back it would over power the microphone. The only moment of rest would be the sumptious instrumental works that are in many of Blaenavon’s songs. One track in particular that resonates the sheer togetherness and musical cohesion of the band is a track that the band wrote when they first got together. ‘Swans’ which features on their debut album ‘That’s Your Lot’ was one of my favourite tracks of the night. Its an 8 minute marathon of lyrical perfection and scintillating guitar writing.


Every song on the night was amazing so its very hard to pick out any stand out moments, alongside ‘Swans’ for sure ‘Orthodox Man’, ‘Let’s Pray’ and ‘I Will Be The World’ could go down as the best on the night.

The gig was a few days before their much anticipated release of their debut record. But the ‘That’s Your Lot’ tour did nothing but increase the excitement for the record ahead of its release. Now that the record is out, fans will be itching for Blaenavon to tour again. I wont be surprised if the venue is bigger next time and they are destined to grow and grow as a band. It makes me very intrigued so see what they will do next in terms of music because as it stands the music they create is seriously impressive and diverse and more music from them will only be a major blessing to the ears.

Sunday the 8th of April is a date to be remembered for one of the best gigs in the last few years in the North East. Three very talented bands that are only going to get better and bigger. Its cliche to note this but for everyone at the gig they can say that they were there when these bands were playing and honing their craft in smaller venues. Therefore if you haven’t heard Blaenavon’s music, go and check it out. If you have, then you know how good of band they are. If you get the chance to see them live I encourage this greatly and you wont be disappointed what so ever.

‘That’s Your Lot’ track-listing:

Take Care
Let’s Pray
Orthodox Man
My Bark Is Your Bite
Lonely Side
Let Me See What Happens Next
Alice Come Home
Ode To Joe
I Will Be The World
Prague ’99
That’s Your Lot