TLC 2016 Forfeit: RopeBreak Champion Craig ‘Chops’ Dave

7 December 2016 Entertainment

Woooooo! Following TLC 2016, Dave recieves three chops to the chest from RopeBreak Champion Craig. 

After coming up short in the predictions for the WWE Smackdown Live Pay-Per-View, Dave was forced to face his forfeit. With only three out of six correct predictions, Dave managed to guess the least correct prediction for TLC. Jonny did one better, and both Craig and Brandon won predicting the entire card correctly. Craig keeping his beloved World RopeBreak Championship of the World (so nice he says it twice, apparently) down to Champions Advantage.

What will happen the next time the RopeBreak Championship is up for contention? The team will next be faced with the challenge of predicting Raw’s Pay-Per-View RoadBlock: End Of The Line.

You can tune into the weekly RopeBreak show on Spark on Thursday nights 9-11. 

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