About Spark

Spark is one of the UK’s most successful community media projects. From our centre at the University of Sunderland, we’re run by volunteers from both the student and local communities. Spark operate a full-time FM community radio station, a monthly eMagazine, and TV Channel online at SparkSunderland.com.

Spark is Sunderland’s local radio station. Based in the Media Centre of the University of Sunderland’s St Peter’s Campus, Spark make use of industry standard equipped studios and extensive experience to produce and deliver great radio!

We provide a platform for local people to inform the community of news and events which are of interest to our target audience and pride ourselves on being in a position to offer an accessible medium where people can talk to others; from their neighbourhood, about issues which concern them. Having the ability to focus on Sunderland allows us to provide localised programming; local music, events and developing issues. We therefore have the capacity to provide content and entertainment relevant to those in the surrounding area.

The station aims to create opportunities for people to tell their stories and contribute to discussions that affect them on a local and national level. So if you’ve got something we should be covering email us community@SparkSunderland.com

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