WEAR Freshers – Basshunter

20 September 2017 Entertainment Featured Fun Music Reviews

Now, is this all you ever wanted? Basshunter came to The Point in Sunderland and never disappointing. Basshunter is a regular to North East soil as he has done many sets in Newcastle and surrounding areas but now he has decided to ‘see what the city is made of’.

Being a fresher at university is nerve wrecking, interesting and exhilirating experience that often can never be forgotten, this is what Bass offered for new people to the city. Basshunter’s name originated from him ‘ searching for the best bassline’ and until he has found that he shall be named the same.

Basshunter offered great freshers connection to the Sunderland crowd with tips, survival tips of university and of course typical nightclub drinking games which where played my Jonas himself.

The Point in Sunderland has a amazing sound system, great lighting and holds the real ‘nightclub experience’ that is a perfect recipe for a major DJ like Basshunter. It all got started with a fantastic support act that offered a mix of recognised dance tracks alongside with some very heavy remixes which got the crowd literally bouncing for the beginning of a university life that is no doubt full of moments like this.

Basshunter started his set with some tense build up and big bass drops which fitted great in a already eager to dance crowd. For many, they wanted to see Basshunter drop ‘ the tunes’ which he picked songs that where not to the usual basshunter style at first. He started off with massive sing along tracks that emphasised his singing vocals and got everyone jumping.


And then, normal service resumed.

The huge drops with massive EDM style build ups started where he dropped all the classic Basshunter tracks.

Overall a class night which adds to the good nightout you can have in Sunderland