7 June 2017 Community News

From 10PM tomorrow – polls will have closed across the UK meaning the race to count the votes begins. Here at Spark we will bring you every result that happens between 10PM – 10AM rounding up with a special election breakfast show.

10PM – 2AM Jay & Abbie bring you the first lot of results and analysis – we can expect Sunderland and Newcastle results to be announced during this slot.

2AM – 6AM Michael & Al bring you the majority of the results as the start to be announced from the rest of the UK.

6AM – 10AM Dom and Eddie bring you a special election breakfast show and will bring you all the updates that you may have missed from across the night.

As well as the radio coverage will have reporters at the main local counts and will be linking up with reporters from across the UK to bring you the fastest results on the night – but don’t worry if you can’t get near a radio you can see the latest on our live blog and on our twitter or use the #HUBGE2017.

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