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Ed Sheeran Makes North East Fans ‘Happier’ With First Newcastle Show

20 April 2017 Music Reviews


Ed Sheeran has come a long way since his first gig in the North East. From a packed The Cluny 2, to a sold out arena that holds seven thousand, he’s definitely doing something right.

Opening Eds first gig in England for 2 years was Ryan McMullan, another beautifully raw voice. One to watch. Anne-Marie then did an amazing job of getting the crowd warmed up with her current chart toppers ‘Ciao Adios’ and ‘Rockabye’.

Ed Sheeran, you bloody marvellous man. Above average Wednesday night!

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The man himself opened with a song that tells the story of his childhood and with it he was the King of the Castle on the Hill. The 26-year-old puts on a one of a kind performance as he stands alone but fills the stage as any five-piece band would.

Between talking to his audience about man flu and the crazy northern crowds Ed Sheeran clearly connects with his fans in a way only he could. His passion for music is so contagious as the crowd is called upon to sing along; “as much and as loud as you can”. The evening was an incredible experience as even Ed was in awe of the thousands of fans who sang along to the songs which he released only 48 days before.

For him it is clearly about the music, he effortlessly puts on an extraordinary performance with his carefully composed sound built up on a loop pedal and 4 different guitars (and those are just the ones we counted). It’s obvious that Ed likes to change things up with a slightly different set list every night, but we were lucky enough to hear ‘Barcelona’ for the first time on the tour (correct me if I’m wrong).


Getting the balance just right, we heard the track the kicks off the new album ÷, ‘Eraser’, his debut single from way-back-when, ‘A Team’ before going on to mash ‘Don’t’ and ‘New Man’ together in a stellar, guitar strumming performance (does this mean ‘New Man’ was a follow up song for Ellie Goulding?)

“£70 for a man and his guitar? You’re having a laugh aren’t you?” No, actually. We’re having an amazing time. Seeing him up there on stage, cleverly creating his sound with his guitar, mic’s and loop pedal is quite something. Not to mention his set design behind him being incredibly visual. (literally, we’re talking concrete trees, starry night skies, Ed’s face in a kaleidoscope fashion and to top it off: space whales…)


Something else making the whole evening what it was, is seeing the insane mixture of people Ed lovingly has as his fans. Groups of friends in their twenties, married couples in their fifties and sixties, teenagers still at school, to their mothers bopping along too. Ed Sheeran quite literally is for everyone.

The crowd roared for hits ‘Galway Girl’, ‘Happier’ and ‘Nancy Mulligan’ before going on to a spectacular finish of his 2011 hit ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ and the other lead single of ÷, ‘Shape of You’. We were definitely left wanting more as people stuck around with the hope he would reappear for one last song.

Never has the term “go hard or go home” been so accurate.

Ed, we’re in love with the Shape of You.


Words by Holly Hutchinson & Liam Lillico.

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