2 March 2017 Music Reviews

Last Wednesday (22nd February) BUSTED visited the North East as part of their Night Driver tour. The lads, Matt, James and Charlie certainly put on quite a performance – Ethan Lowerson-Marshall was there…

Now when I first heard about Busted coming I was really excited – like one of my most vivid memories as a child was getting Now 53 for Christmas – among the tunes on that album were Atomic Kitten, Liberty X & The Ketchup Song… And the debut from Busted with What I Go To School For.. (Which still remains one of my favourites from Busted!)

So I had hoped they’d do some classics but the lads from Busted also release their first studio album in over 10 years in November, so plenty of new music to squeeze in too!

The set list of the night:

  1. Kids with Computers
  2. Thinking of You
  3. On What You’re On
  4. Air Hostess
  5. Night Driver
  6. Nerdy
  7. Without It
  8. I Will Break Your Heart
  9. Who’s David
  10. Sleeping with the Lights On
  11. Crashed the Wedding
  12. 3am
  13. New York
  14. Year 3000


  • What I Go to School For
  • Coming Home
  • Those Days Are Gone

Best song of the night… for me Air Hostess, as it was the first ‘classic’ they performed and the audience really went for it.

Best song from the album… I’d say I will Break Your Heart was one of the best album tracks they performed, great song!

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