Fly-Tipping and Illegal Dumping Awareness

11 January 2017 Community News

We have now reached that period where we have so much household rubbish that is causing us a huge problem in Sunderland and the North East. The festive period brings many aspects of happiness but it also brings massive amounts of household and industrial waste that needs to be deposited in the correct way.

Do you feel that you are not disposing your waste correctly in Sunderland? or do you feel that there is just not enough bin space to get rid of all that unwanted rubbish. There has been a increase of reports to the environmental agency in the UK that illegal rubbish tipping in recreational areas is happening in very large scales.

Here on Spark FM we want to raise awareness of illegal rubbish tipping alongside with how you can prevent this happening in the future and present the quite significant environmental ans social implication that connects.

Our very own Nathan Ely took some time in Wednesday afternoon and spoke to the regional environmental agency manager for the North East Jamie Fletcher. Jamie spoke about the legal deterrents that are connected with illegal rubbish tipping along with how we can help stop tipping  rubbish in the Sunderland area.

Take a listen to what Jamie has to say:


Jamie is speaking from the environmental agency of the UK which focus on keeping the local and national environment to the highest and natural standard. For more information take a look at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency or for local bin collection times in Sunderland take a look at http://www.sunderland.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=9032